Conor McGregor Confirms: ‘I’m very close to signing Floyd contract’

Ultimate Fighting Championship mega-star Conor McGregor may be stepping into the boxing ring with Floyd Mayweather Jr. sooner than expected.

Both fighters have been teasing a potential cross-sport super fight for over a year, but just within the last two months have the stars started to align to make this take place. The biggest obstacle, UFC President Dana White, recently stepped aside and revealed that he would no longer try to prevent McGregor from making a major payday. Now that White is simply sitting back and viewing the fight as a fan, McGregor opened up with IFL TV and revealed that the fight is almost a done deal:

“I’m ready. I look forward to it. I’m excited and I’m prepared. We’re very close to inking it. I’m not going to say no more, we’re very close that’s it.”

“I’m unpredictable. Nobody knows what they’re in for. Everybody’s writing me off. They’re going to be in shock. Make no mistake about it.”