Conor’s Coach Reveals Who He Believes McGregor Will Fight Upon UFC Return

Ultimate Fighting Championship’s biggest star in Conor McGregor has been teasing a transition to the boxing ring for nearly a year now, and it seems like his fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. is closer than ever to materializing.

However, while details are still scarce about what’s next for Conor, his coach John Kavanagh recently spoke with Submission Radio about who he believes will be next for Conor when he returns to the octagon:

“My number one thing would be for Conor to fight MMA. That’s my number one thing. That’s my selfish number one, what I would like to see. Which opponent? I’ve said it before – the Nate [Diaz] rematch interests me a lot because it’s 1-1 and how the styles match up. Almost on a par with that, not much difference, will be the winner of Khabib and [Tony] Ferguson this weekend. I think Khabib does it, so I think Khabib will be the winner. So Khabib will be the match up out of that. Below that would be [Georges St-Pierre]. Purely because GSP was an incredible fighter. [I’m a] big fan of him, I’ve learnt a lot from watching his fights, but it’s a long time since he’s fought and the game changes very, very quickly and I think Khabib is sort of like a better version of GSP. Although we don’t know, it’s hard to tell how GSP and Khabib would match up. But yeah, MMA-wise, Nate or almost on a par winner of Khabib/Ferguson.”