Dana White Unsure About Khabib’s Future Following Repeated Missed Weights

UFC President Dana White has made it clear that he doesn’t like fighters to miss their contracted weight.

One has to look no further than how he treated his TUF champion Kelvin Gastelum and his former welterweight champion Johny Hendricks, as shining examples of what happens when missing weight becomes a habit.

When Khabib missed weight at UFC 209, it wasn’t the first time he’d suffered the fate of the scales. And now, with his recent infraction, the UFC boss is at a loss.

Check it:

“To be honest with you, Khabib fought (at UFC 205) in New York in November then here in this fight. Two back-to-back weight cuts like that. I don’t know if he can make the weight or if he needs to get a better plan (or) dietician. Something.

“I don’t know (what he should do). He got within six pounds and was in really rough shape. He’s going to have to take some time to recover from this weight cut, and then I don’t know what to do.”

“He was having pains either where your kidneys are or your liver or something – I don’t know the exact specifics, but he was having pains. He looked terrible. I don’t think there was any real damage done to it. When I say damage, I mean long term. It’s going to take him a little while to recover from this weight cut.”


[Quote via DailyStar.co.uk]