Dillashaw Backtracks On Cody “No Love” K.O. Video — ‘Who cares, it was only practice’

UFC Bantamweight Champion Cody “No Love” Garbrandt is getting ready for one of the biggest fights of his life where he will defend his championship for the very first time against rival TJ Dillashaw. The two will be coaching opposite of each other in the next season of “The Ultimate Fighter” before clashing in the octagon at an unnamed date, likely in the summer later on this year.

While Garbrandt is in possession of something Dillashaw wants in the championship, Team Alpha Male is also in possession of something that has yet to see the light of day: The tape of Dillashaw getting KO’d by Garbrandt in training.

Dillashaw dared Team Alpha Male to release the tape, and it wasn’t long before one of the the premier mixed martial arts training camps was fielding offers from the likes of TMZ. Dillashaw has stuck to his point, further daring Garbrandt and Team Alpha Male to release the tape. Dillashaw told Fight Society:

“It’s [expletive] practice! Who really even cares? They can release that video.”

Wait what? Did we hear that right?

Continuing his rant about this unseen video, Dillashaw quickly corrected his statement, continuing with, “I could care less because, for one, I don’t even think it happened, and two, it’s freaking practice and I don’t really care. They should just take the hours and hours and hours of footage of me whipping Cody’s ass and making him leave practice crying.

“The kid’s tough, don’t get me wrong. But when it comes down to it, being a well-rounded martial artist and sparring, sure Cody had some good days but to say percentage-wise, I’m getting 75 percent of those good days. I’m on top. I definitely felt like the top dog while I was there.”