Eddie Alvarez “Shocked” The Money Changed Nate Diaz So Much … Here’s What He Said

Ultimate Fighting Championship mega-star Nate Diaz has not stepped foot inside the octagon since his last fight with Conor McGregor at “UFC 202”. The fight went the distance and was an instant-classic. Even though Diaz would walk out with the decision loss, many fight fans believed he should have had his hand raised in victory with another win over the Irish superstar. Regardless of the outcome, the payday for Nate was one of the biggest in UFC history and he has been enjoying his time away from the octagon.

There was a moment years back when Alvarez squared off with Diaz’s training partner Gilbert Melendez where the two exchanged dirty looks. It seemed like a matchup between Alvarez and Diaz would be a no-brainer, but Nate has apparently turned down the fight. Alvarez told MMA Hour:

“I really thought that Nate Diaz would have fought me. He said a lot of stuff in Mexico. He looked at me funny in lobbies and [expletive] like that so I’m like, you know worse comes to worst, Nate will definitely fight me. So I was actually shocked when they gave him a bout agreement and he said ‘no’ to that. I thought he’d fight me for sure. I don’t know what’s up with him.”