‘Floyd Mayweather Is Training With Conor McGregor Mimics’

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is calling upon the help of fighters with similar stature and style of Conor McGregor in hope to mimic his style.

Eleventh-ranked lightweight Kevin Lee will soon be making his way into The Money Team workouts alongside Floyd Mayweather Jr. as he prepares for the potential big-money super fight with Conor McGregor. Brendan Schaub recently broke down if it was a good decision to bring in Kevin Lee or not, and who he would have brought in in a recent edition of “Big Brown Breakdown”:

“I would not say Kevin Lee is a good mimic of Conor McGregor. He’s a wrestler. His base is wrestling. So, if he should do anything, and this is just him not knowing the sport, if they should do anything they should bring in, because obviously money isn’t an issue to Floyd Mayweather, they should fly in that Brazilian cat that Jose Aldo used to mimic [McGregor].”