Floyd Signs Contract To Fight Conor, Challenges McGregor To Sign Or Shut Up

“Conor McGregor is blowing smoke up everybody’s [expletive]. He doesn’t really want to fight. If he really wanted to fight, sign the contract. You keep telling everybody that I’m scared of you, this is what I am going to do: I’m going to get a contract typed up tonight, sign it and then I’m going to fax it over to Conor McGregor and see if he’s going to sign it. Conor McGregor, you a [expletive].”

Floyd Mayweather Jr. continues to press Conor McGregor to make their cross-sport super fight go down, saying that he’s going to sign the dotted line for a fight contract and fax it over to Conor McGregor. Do you think this fight will actually go down?