GSP Reveals Truth Behind Prior Retirement And UFC Departure

“Carrying a title, it’s a lot of weight on your shoulders. People they don’t realize. There’s only two people that can understand that. It’s hard to be champion and it’s even harder to stay champion. Believe me on that. I had a lot of pressure. I had a problem with the performance enhancing drugs at the time, so I was just tired. … The time I took off was very good.”

Georges St-Pierre once sat atop the welterweight rankings, dominating every single challenge that the Ultimate Fighting Championship put in his way. St-Pierre has always been concerned about his legacy and approached every single fight like it was the most important of his career; However, St-Pierre grew concerned about the use of performance-enhancing drugs within the promotion and stepped aside. During a recent interview with Matt Serra and Jim Norton on “UFC Unfiltered”, St-Pierre revealed that he had left the promotion due to steroid use.