Horrific Opening Trial Statements Released — Defense Claims War Machine’s Victim Wanted To Be Raped

Former MMA fighter War Machine, formerly known as Jonathan Koppenhaver, is on trial for allegedly assaulting adult film star and former girlfriend Christine Mackinday. War Machine is facing 34 counts which include attempted murder, sexual assault, and kidnapping.

Mackinday is reported to have received a broken nose, missing teeth, over a dozen broken bones and a ruptured liver during the incident.

Corey Thomas, boyfriend to Mackinday at the time, was allegedly first assaulted by the former MMA athlete. Thomas testified that he was bitten and punched multiple times.

In the video above from Las Vegas Review-Journal, the prosecutor states that Thomas was beaten for 10 minutes, while Mackinday was beaten for over two hours.

War Machine’s defendant later discussed the sexual assault allegations.

“There was this discussion of rape fantasies and it was communicated to Mr. Koppenhaver that she wanted to be raped by him and how she wanted to be raped by him (and) how she wanted it to be a surprise. The evidence is going to show that Mr. Koppenhaver was told he had consent to do these things. How do we know?” The defendant said, as he pulled up an image for the jury. “Ms. Mackinday to him, ‘Rapes, real man does. You’re a real man.'”

This is not a representation of the trial in its entirety and War Machine is innocent until proven guilty.