Insider Details UFC’s Terms For Mayweather vs. McGregor Super Fight … And It’s A lot Of Money!

Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White has made it clear that he will no longer try to prevent a fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor from happening, putting on his fan hat while hoping to enjoy the ride. Now, new details have emerged that suggests that the UFC may not be taking a backseat, allowing this thing to happen after all.

Boxing promoter Bob Arum, who used to represent Mayweather Jr., recently spoke out about an offer that was put on the table by the UFC claiming that they wanted fifty-percent of McGregor’s purse for the cross-sport super fight. Arum did not make it clear as to whether it was the heads at WME-IMG that dished out this offer, or if it was White but he was clearly upset that this could prevent the fight from happening. He told Fight Hub TV:

“I think the only impediment there is the UFC, because UFC doesn’t treat fighters the same way that boxing promoters do. In other words, UFC fighters get so much less than boxers do. They proposed a deal to Conor that on his share of the purse, they take 50 percent. Now, give me a break.”

“If the fight doesn’t happen…not that I think it’s going to be a great fight, because I think Conor fighting Mayweather is not really a fight, if it’s boxing. Conor’s great MMA fighter, but hasn’t shown anything in boxing. And Mayweather’s one of the great fighters. But if that fight doesn’t happen, the blame will only be on the UFC.”