King Of Instagram Offered Half-Million Dollars For Debut MMA Fight

Some fighters claw, scrape and climb their way up the rankings in order to make the biggest paydays of their careers. Nowadays, it’s not about how much time, blood, sweat, or tears you pour into your career that decides if you get a big check from the boss. In order to get the six-figure paydays, you have to move the needle.

While that is usually the case, Instagram King Dan Bilzerian expressed interest in fighting inside the cage and has already been offered $500,000 for his first appearance.

There is no doubt that Bilzerian is a fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He claims to have been a fan since the very first event, and recently told MMA Junkie that he would be interested in throwing down inside the octagon:

“I’d like to do a fight. I need to do a real camp. I don’t want to go in there and half [expletive] it.”Bilzerian said. “Right now, I’ve been taking some time off from the partying and the crazy [expletive], so it wouldn’t be bad.”

While no promotion has picked up his offer to fight, a private investor said he would pay Bilzerian $500,000 to make the fight happen:

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