Lansberg Has Seen Better Days — Before and After Saturday’s 3-Round War

Sometimes getting the victory means making sacrifices. For Lina Lansberg at UFC Fight Night: London, it meant giving up the common configuration of her face.

Lansberg faced Lucie Pudilova in a bantamweight match-up that would go the distance. For Pudilova, it was a few rounds of a losing match. Yet for Lansberg, it was three rounds of being decked in the face, repeatedly.

Lansberg controlled much of the fight, grappling Pudilova and smashing her into the fence. Pudilova put up a fight of her own, making sure Lansberg paid the price for taking her down.

In the final round, especially, Pudilova poured on the pressure. Pummeling Lansberg with stinging shots to the face, until Lansberg’s face was something else.

Still, the “Elbow Queen” was able to snag a unanimous decision victory over Pudilova, demonstrating her toughness inside the octagon.