Michael Bisping Is Ready To Call McGregor The G.O.A.T. If He Does One More Thing

“That’s a chance for Conor [McGregor] to become the greatest fighter of all time. It really is. Love him or hate him, he did amazing in the UFC and then now — If he wants to take out perhaps one of the greatest boxers that ever lived… Yeah. That would be something.”

UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor has been criticized by fans and fighters alike for pursuing the Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight, but it seems that middleweight champion Michael Bisping has his back! Bisping recently spoke out about the potential of greatness McGregor has with this fight coming up, and believes he could become one of the greatest fighters of all time if he can pull off the win.

Source: Believe You Me (Bisping’s Official Podcast)