Michael Bisping Offers Nick Diaz An Explanation

“Gotta love Nick Diaz and the delusional world the Diaz Brothers live in. Nate wants twenty-mill for his next fight — not gonna happen. Nick wants me to drop to 180 to fight him in a non-title fight. I mean, look at the abuse I’m getting right now for fighting in a title fight against Georges St-Pierre. Could you imagine if I said, ‘Now, I’m going to have a fight without the belt on the line.'”

UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping received a great deal of backlash when it was revealed that he would be defending his championship against unranked Georges St-Pierre at a later date. In the weeks leading up to the announcement, there were rumblings of Nick Diaz stepping into the octagon to square off with Bisping, however! Bisping offered Diaz an explanation as to why he didn’t get the fight which you can hear above.