Michael Bisping Rips Vitor Belfort

The rivalry between UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping and Vitor Belfort has reached an all-time high even though they are years removed from their fight in 2013. Since Bisping got the belt, he has been relentless on the microphone, targeting anybody and everybody that was either on his record or is in his division.

Belfort, Bisping’s latest verbal victim, recently called out CM Punk for his final bout inside the octagon. While the legendary striker was likely joking, Bisping completely dressed down the Brazilian for even mentioning Punk’s name. The champion went off on Belfort on a recent edition of his podcast “Believe You Me” [via. MMA Fighting]:

“[Steroids] do give you advantages. They give you physical and psychological advantages. But if you need those advantages then you are a coward, you’re a fucking pussy, and you are a cheat, and the very fact that somebody would take steroids their entire career, then get their ass kicked, then call out CM Punk, I’m not surprised motherfuckers. It’s a simple as that and that just speaks volumes to the character and the level of a man that Vitor Belfort is. I wouldn’t fucking piss on him if he was on fire.”