“Mighty Mouse” Speaks — ‘I understand where Tyron Woodley’s Coming From’

UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley recently stepped into the octagon to defend his championship against Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson and while he escaped with the belt, it’s not the fight that fighters and fans are still buzzing about.

In the weeks leading up to the fight, Woodley confessed that he believed there was racism in mixed martial arts, specifically in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. While he did not expect many people to understand from the outside looking in, Woodley received a great deal of backlash about the claims and was even labeled as a “drama queen” by UFC President Dana White.

DeMetirous “Mighty Mouse” Johnson was recently a guest on the MMA Hour and broke down his view on what Woodley was talking about:

“I don’t want to say it’s an issue. Because obviously I’ve been promoted very well as the flyweight champion. But can I say that people might feel there is? Yeah, probably people feel it. But I don’t think [UFC president] Dana White has ever been like, ‘I’m not gonna look at that [expletive], he’s black. Get somebody else in front of me.’ I don’t think Dana White is doing that. But I’m saying if people feel that way, it’s possible that some people feel that way. That’s just how it is.”