Rothwell Breaks His Silence On Failed Drug Test, Says He’s Innocent Like Cyborg

UFC heavyweight Ben Rothwell is under fire from the USADA, as he is currently under investigation for a potential anti-doping policy violation. Following the incident, Rothwell has gone to Facebook to tell his side.

“With the recent news received from USADA I would like to take this time to let everyone know, I have been under the care of a physician and trying to overcome a medical illness. I would appreciate the chance to show that I have not cheated nor did I intended to cheat. Please hold your opinions of me until all the facts are out. I appreciate everyone’s support as I go through the process with usada. Thank you,
Ben Rothwell”

If Rothwell is suspended for the alleged violation, it will be his second offense. The heavyweight was suspended by the UFC after UFC 164 back in 2013.