Shots Fired! GSP BLASTS Conor McGregor And It’s Not Pretty

“I believe Conor McGregor is the biggest draw for the sport in terms of popularity. But, I don’t know in terms of fighting if he’s the best guy pound-for-pound.”

As soon as it was revealed that Georges St-Pierre had re-signed a deal with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, fans everywhere started fantasy-booking his return to the octagon. One fight that seemed to interest both casual and diehard fans alike was a bout between St-Pierre and Conor McGregor, a super-fight that could crush anything else the UFC would do other than a third match with Nate Diaz.

Of course, fighters and fans alike were let down when it was revealed that GSP would be challenging Michael Bisping for the middleweight championship. Still, St-Pierre is throwing shots at McGregor and may be planting seeds for a superfight in the future.