TAM Head Coach Reveals Details Behind Garbrandt/Dillashaw Choking Incident

It did not take Ultimate Fighting Championship long to realize they had a star in the making when Cody “No Love” Garbrandt started racking up knockouts in the octagon. Shortly after the Team Alpha Male fighter walked out of the octagon at “UFC 207” with the UFC Bantamweight Championship, fighters and fans alike were buzzing as to who Garbrandt would throw down with next.

UFC revealed that TJ Dillashaw would not only be first in line for Garbrandt’s championship, but the two would coach opposite of each other during the twenty-fifth season of “The Ultimate Fighter”. Team Alpha Male Head Coach Justin Buchholz revealed that while the drama was almost non-existent during the first week of shooting, things quickly picked up when he arrived.

Following a recent incident on the set of “The Ultimate Fighter” in which Garbrandt grabbed Dillashaw by the throat, Buchholz took to the number-one podcast in mixed martial arts “Stud Radio” and revealed his immediate reaction to the incident by saying, “Garbrandt grabbed Dillashaw by the throat the moment I stepped on set. You want to talk about a wild [expletive] season.”

He continued, “So I was gone the first week. The first week they picked teams so when I got there the teams were already set. I discovered the teams when I landed. … The first day I got there — I guess nothing happened the first week that was very confrontational between Cody and TJ and the teams. They kind of looked at each other and nothing went down. Nothing too aggressive. So I’m like, ‘Alright, whatever. I’m gonna go there and play it by ear.'”

“I go there, you know that area where they line up and McGregor and Faber always talk [expletive] to each other?” Buchholz mentioned before quickly cutting himself off due to the non-disclosure agreement. Regardless, he dove into it and stated, “First day I was there and that [expletive] happens.”

While Buchholz missed out on the first week of shooting, he claims that this season will be intense. “(This season) has more confrontations than any other season.”

Buchholz was unable to give any details on what really went down on set, as he has signed a non-disclosure form with The Ultimate Fighter.

Bantamweight champion Cody “No Love” Garbrandt and former champion T.J. Dillashaw are set to face off in a title fight after their season of TUF airs.

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