Team Khabib Reveals Timeline For Return To Training

Top ranked UFC lightweight contender, Khabib Nurmagomedov.

When it was revealed that Khabib Nurmagomedov had been forced out of his championship fight for “UFC 209” against Tony Ferguson, the mixed martial arts community let out a collective groan. However, once it became a reality that Nurmagomedov was in bad health and retirement was a possibility for the undefeated fighter, fans and fighters alike grew concerned.

Nurmagomedov is in good shape now, however, as he is back in Dagestan with a clean bill of health. The lightweight fighter should be making his way back to the training mats by the end of this month, his father told Izvestia in a recent interview [via. MMA.TV]:

“How does Habib feel?

Thank you, he’s fine. Every day he is recovering. I think, a couple more weeks, and he will be in perfect order. He had a strong dehydration of the body due to active weight loss. Now Habib is in Dagestan, he eats well, and he is much better.

So, very soon he can start training?

I think that at the end of this month we will begin our simple routines. And with a full-fledged training process for now we wait. Let’s look at the situation, we will build on the health of Habib himself, on how his body will react to the stresses. Let’s start with jogs and small loads, and then gradually add new exercises.”