The Absolute And Complete Destruction Of Dana White — By Nate Diaz

UFC President Dana White and lightweight contender Nate Diaz have been having some friction as of late.

Diaz has not fought inside the octagon since his rematch against Conor McGregor at UFC 202 in August. Rumors have been spreading that the contender is waiting for a title fight rematch against “Notorious.”

Dana White recently stated that he believes Diaz is waiting for a rematch with the lightweight champion. White told MMA Mania, ““I have no idea. Maybe he is holding out for McGregor,” White said. “Conor has endless possibilities for fight.”

Since then, Diaz has come forward with his own two cents. Not too happy with the president’s projection, Diaz went to Twitter and responded to White’s claim with “This [expletive] can’t stop making [expletive] up about me and I haven’t been offered any fights except the one laughed at.”

Diaz “laughed” at a recent offer made by the president. White offered a bout with Eddie Alvarez, but Diaz responded on Twitter with “Lol at your fight…”

One thing is for certain, Diaz is not pulling any punches with the UFC president.