Top 4 Longest Current Out Of Competition Fighters On The UFC Roster… One Hasn’t Fought Since 2011

Making it to the Ultimate Fighting Championship and throwing down inside the octagon is the ultimate goal for almost every single mixed martial artists.

Constantly working toward the goal of the championship in their respective weight classes, fighters try to take as many fights as they can within a calendar year. If you’re a Donald Cerrone or a Sam Alvy, you try to fight six times a year. Most fighters try to fight three or four times a year and the names below… haven’t fought since 2013 at least. Check out these four fighters who are currently on the UFC roster:

Claude Patrick (last fight December 2011)
Zhang Tiequan (last fight November 2012)
Sean Pierson (last fight June 2013)
Pascal Krauss (last fight August 2013)

[Credit to Scoreback for compiling the list]