Tyron Woodley Not Keeping His UFC Belt, Giving It Away — Here’s Why!

Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White strapped the welterweight title around the waist of Tyron Woodley at the end of “UFC 209” despite scoring the bout in favor of Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. The title defense is something that Woodley is proud of, but would like to put behind; Training for “Wonderboy” and bringing in partners like he normally wouldn’t do made for a taxing training camp.

The champion is now going to give his latest belt won to a woman who inspired him to push through the fifth round. Woodley stated:

“A young lady walked up to me and said, ‘Hey. My daughter died. My daughter Anaiya died’, shout out to Savana for telling me this story because I was thinking about this during the fight in the fifth round when I could have let him just steal my belt.”