UFC Commentator Reveals That U.S. Fight Broadcasts Are Delayed And Edited

UFC commentator John Gooden has been receiving some flack for his consistent apologies for colorful language at last night’s UFC Fight Night: London.

In response to the attention, Gooden has gone to Twitter to set things straight.

Gooden said, “Hey fight fans. Here’s my explanation for why we have to apologize for bad language on air. Thx for watching” as he posted a more in-depth video alongside the caption.

Gooden went on to explain that U.S. broadcasts of UFC events exist on a delay, allowing for on the fly editing of colorful language. However, European broadcasts do not always function in the same fashion. With the threat of heavy fines looming over way, apologizing for colorful language that can not be edited out seems to be the go-to practice for Gooden.

See his explanation above.