UFC Results: Bantamweight Standout Delivers Comeback of the Year Contender — Replay

Iuri Alcantara and Luke Sanders made their way to the center of the octagon to kick off their bantamweight fight which aired on FS1. Sanders was hoping to keep his undefeated record intact while Alcantara worked to climb his way further up the rankings, walking into the fight ranked at fifteenth.

Sanders was thrown to the ground right off the bat after getting off balance, but Sanders was able to scramble his way back to his feet where Alcantara eventually met him. Neither fighter shied away from throwing significant strikes early on in the fight skipping the feeling out process altogether. Alcantara was taken down and Sanders got top control, ultimately taking the back of Alcantara and pummeling him with his left hand repeatedly.

Alcantara turtled up and stained the mat with his blood all the while trying to work his way out of danger. He caught the left hand and Sanders decided to fire off with the right hand. Alcantara absorbed a ridiculous amount of shots and it almost looked as if Sanders was tiring himself out. An illegal knee from Sanders caused a halt in action, but the fight would resume and ultimately reach the end of the round.

Alcantara suffered a brutal knee to the body that softened him up in the second round, allowing Sanders to tee off and fire off his right hand repeatedly. Alcantara rolled through and locked in a lock lock to submit Sanders and destroy his undefeated record!

Iuri Alcantara def. Luke Sanders by way of Submission (Leg Lock) 2:13 of Round 2