UFC Results: Bethe Returns To Action, Fights To A Draw


Bethe Correia made her return to Brazil for the first time since getting knocked out by Ronda Rousey in 2015 and hoped to put on a performance her fans would remember against fellow bantamweight Marion Reneau. Reneau, ranked thirteenth, was looking to knock Correia out of the top ten and take her place at ninth with an impressive performance in enemy territory.

The two met in the center of the octagon and it did not take long for Reneau to begin attacking the body of Correia. Correia would have none of it and brought the fight along the fence where she tried to drive some energy out of Reneau, but they made their way back to the center of the octagon shortly thereafter. Correia got comfortable with simply throwing one punch and backing up while Reneau tried to land as many as she could while she was within distance.

Correia was able to secure a takedown with fifteen seconds remaining in the round, likely securing ten points in the first.

Correia started to find her rhythm in the second round when she began throwing combinations. Reneau’s kicks to the body of Bethe became less effective and almost non-existent in the middle of the round as Correia pushed the pace, forcing Reneau to adapt when she wasn’t prepared.

Correia landed another important takedown on Reneau with a minute and twenty seconds remaining. Reneau failed to better her positioning which allowed Bethe to pick her shots whenever she postured up. Reneau nearly trapped her in a triangle choke, but Correia was able to slip out with ease.

Correia got rocked early on with a head kick from Reneau; Reneau tried to push the pace and finish the fight but Correia was able to stop the shift in momentum by shooting for a takedown.

Reneau stuffed it, but Correia did not let go of the leg until Reneau freed it herself. Reneau shifted to half guard before making her way to full mount where she pummeled her on top. Correia tried to escape danger but it wasn’t loing before Reneau was right back on top, making it rain elbows and fists.

Correia made it back to her feet yet again to work for another takedown attempt but, like moments before, Reneau stuffed it and ended up in side control. Reneau locked in both hooks after taking the back of Correia, threatening a rear naked choke. Correia was able to escape danger and not get finished, putting all the pressure on the shoulders of the judges to decide the winner.

Bethe Correia and Marion Reneau Fought to a Majority Draw (29-27, 28-28, 28-28)