UFC Results: Kennedy and Jason Go To War In Featured UFC Fight Pass Prelim Bout — WATCH!

Rony Jason and Jeremy Kennedy wrapped up the UFC Fight Pass preliminary portion of “UFC Fight Night 106” with their featured featherweight bout. The crowd in Fortaleza, Brazil lost their mind for Jason before he even stepped into the octagon and their excitement did not fade one bit throughout the fight.

The feeling out process told a story of Kennedy trying to establish his jab all the while forcing Jason to fight at an uncomfortable distance. Jason’s wild hooks did not land until Kennedy was pushed up against the fence where he was eventually taken down. Kennedy’s wrestling proved to be dominant as he got back to his feet and took Jason down to the canvas at will. Jason fought hard to make his way back to his feet and when he wasn’t getting slammed, he was getting pummeled while pinned up against the fence.

Jason connected in a big way at the start of the second round, doubling up with his punches before belting out a flying knee that clipped Kennedy. Kennedy found himself on his back but still had his wits about him; Jason tried to finish him but ultimately found himself in the open guard of Kennedy. Kennedy worked hard to find a finish off his back but he simply wasn’t in a position to do so; Jason remained on top for a couple minutes before the referee stood them up due to inactivity.

Kennedy landed a nasty kick to the groin of Jason which dropped him instantly. Jason laid in the middle of the octagon for the first minute of his recovery time before making it to a neutral corner. The action would resume with just twenty seconds remaining in the fight and the round would end with no action.

Kennedy shot for a takedown thirty seconds into the round and powered his way through Jason’s defense, bringing the fight to the mat. Jason made his way back to his feet, not letting Kennedy land any major shots on the ground but was taken down again in the middle of the octagon.

Jason trapped Kennedy in a shoulder lock but Kennedy spun his way out of trouble with two minutes remaining in the fight. The fight would remain on the mat with Kennedy on top of Jason, cracking him with punch after punch until the final horn sounded.

Jeremy Kennedy def. Rony Jason by way of Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-27)