UFC Results: Lee Ends Trinaldo’s 7 Fight Win Streak, Chokes Him Out In Round 2

Kevin Lee flipped off the fans in Brazil at Friday’s weigh-in ceremony and Francisco Trinaldo hoped to make him pay for it in their featured preliminary bout on FS1.

Trinaldo was aggressive off the bat, battering Lee with shots but none did damage to the wrestler. Lee shot for a takedown the moment he was able to and while Trinaldo remained busy off of his back, Lee controlled the grappling aspect in their first interaction on the mat. Lee silenced the fans with their lull in action and Trinaldo woke them back up when he made it back to his feet.

Trinaldo tried to lock in a ninja choke with his back up against the fence but he was forced to abandon it when Lee continued to pursue the takedown. Trinaldo wobbled Lee with a massive right in the middle of the octagon. Lee backed up against the fence and saved the night when he shot for a takedown, forcing Trinaldo to abandon going in for the kill.

Trinaldo defended the takedown and cracked Lee with another big shot. A short elbow from Trinaldo caused Lee to step back and take in a big breath of air; Lee shot for another takedown and Trinaldo peppered him with short elbows after stuffing it. The round ended with the two screaming at each other, bringing the crowd to life again.

The fight did not resume its high-octane pace in the first round; Fatigue may have started to set in for Trinaldo who constantly shook out his arms with his mouth wide open. Even though Trinaldo seemed to be fading, Lee could not take advantage of it as he took a good amount of punishment as well. Lee’s takedown attempts were transparent and Trinaldo was easily able to stuff them.

Trinaldo caught Lee in the middle of a takedown attempt and caught him with a choke attempt but Lee was able to scramble and end up on top in full mount. Lee ultimately took the back of Trinaldo with two minutes remaining and locked in a VERY vicious choke to end the fight and end Trinaldo’s win streak.

Kevin Lee def. Francisco Trinaldo by way of Submission (RNC) 3:12 of Round 2