UFC Results: McGregor Teammate Nelson Forces Jouban Into Submission In Today’s Co-Main Event

Gunnar Nelson and Alan Jouban made their way to the octagon in the O2 Arena for their welterweight contest at “UFC Fight Night 107”. Nelson has not stepped foot inside the octagon since May 2016 and was hoping to prove that he hadn’t missed a step, continuing to climb up the ranks. Jouban hoped to upset the ninth-ranked fighter in order to make his debut in the top fifteen of the welterweights.

Jouban did a fantastic job at chopping away at the leg of Nelson early on in the fight. Nelson did not seem phased by them as he powered right through those shots to score a takedown with over two minutes remaining in the fight. All Nelson needed was just thirty seconds to gain full mount. Jouban spent a minute and a half fighting off the attack, depleting his gas tank a great deal until the round ended.

An unexpected early blitz from Jouban forced Nelson to stumble back while defending, but Nelson blocked it all and followed up with a massive punch to the chin of Jouban. Jouban stumbled back but was still awake enough to try and fight his way back to his feet. Nelson jumped on him, grabbed hold of the neck and locked in a clean guillotine for the win.

Gunnar Nelson def. Alan Jouban by way of Submission (Guillotine) :46 of Round 2