With Fights Like GSP-Bisping, Rogan Wants No More UFC Belts … ‘What’s the point?’

UFC President Dana White received a mixed reaction when he revealed that Georges St-Pierre would skip the entire line at middleweight in order to challenge Michael Bisping for his belt. While St-Pierre has proven that he is one of the greatest mixed martial artists in the history of his sport, his title run was over three years ago and the sport has changed a lot since then.

That’s not to say St-Pierre cannot cut it in the middleweight title picture because he most likely can. The fact of the matter that he cut the likes of Yoel Romero and Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza is rubbing a lot of people the wrong way, and Joe Rogan is one of them.

Rogan recently came out against the idea of a championship fight between St-Pierre and Bisping. He went on to question why the UFC has belts at all if they simply intend to put on super fights. He said on ESPN’s 5ive Rounds:

“As a person who deeply respects the position of champion — if you’re gonna do this whole interim title thing and you’re gonna have guys come back after being out of the sport for three years and get a shot right at the title, why have [expletive] championships at all?”

“Why have a champion at all? Just set up great fights. And if you’re just setting up great fights, well that’s a great fight. Bisping versus GSP is a great fight. If you’re going to have a title, this is the champion of the world, then the champion should be defending his title against the number one challenger and that right now is Yoel Romero.”