7 Years Ago Today, Nick, Nate, Jake And Gil Jumped Mayhem Miller On Live T.V. — Replay!

Long before Nick Diaz, Jake Shields, and Gilbert Melendez made their way into the Ultimate Fighting Championship for their recent runs, they fought to make Strikeforce one of the biggest organizations in mixed martial arts. Diaz sat atop the welterweight division with their championship around his waist while Shields defended his successfully numerous times.

Both were fighting champions, but perhaps the most intense fight these two got into were when they were teaming up to take on Jason “Mayhem” Miller in Nashville, Tennessee. Shields had just successfully defended his championship against Dan Henderson when Miller walked into the cage.

It had been expected by fans and media members alike that Miller would be next in line for a shot at Shields’ championship, but he got in the face of the champion and it wasn’t long before a skirmish broke out. Melemdez, Nate Diaz, Nick Diaz and Shields all ganged up on Miller and friends in what would become one of the most infamous scenes in Strikeforce history.

It wasn’t long before Shields and Nick Diaz made their way to the Ultimate Fighting Championship, vacating their titles having never lost them. The scene in Nashville, Tennessee you’re about to see play out below happened exactly one year ago to the date of this writing:

How did you react when this happened live, years ago?