A Comprehensive Look At The Evolution Of Dana White’s Appearance Through The Years

Ultimate Fighting Championship quickly became one of the fastest growing sports companies in the world once ZUFFA took over the helms long ago. Gone were the days where fighters were permitted to use headbutts; ZUFFA began to introduce stricter rulesets and fight formats that would ensure the fans knew what they were getting into. Today, the company is the biggest league in one of the fastest growing sports in the world today.

Without UFC President Dana White, all of this might not have been possible.

White began his career with the UFC ready to cut costs at all corners in order to save the business before it could grow. It wasn’t long before the promoter in Dana began to shine, hyping up fighters such as Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell as some of the most dominant human beings on the planet.

White’s hard work and work ethic allowed the company to grow to where it is today, and you can see the signs of a high-stress lifestyle if you see the progression of Dana throughout the years.

Viewing an (almost) full-head of hair on the boss is a wild thing to see, but there was a time when White actually had hair. He may have torn it all out due to the stress that comes along with the job, and you can see his transformation over the years below:








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