Aldo Reveals Plans To Be More Like Conor McGregor Moving Forward

Gone are the days where fighters can climb their way to the top of their weight classes just based on their skillset alone. Fighters like Conor McGregor have carved a new path for charismatic fighters that proves you do not have to wait in line like everybody else to get what you want; As long as you can produce for the company, chances are you can get most of what you desire.

Dana White said it best during the post-fight press conference at “UFC 210” when talking about Gegard Mousasi: “He doesn’t sell out arenas.” Jose Aldo will be making his return to Brazil where he does sell out arenas, and he will be tapping into his charismatic side for his upcoming fight with Max Holloway where he no longer plans to be the nice guy heading into fights. He told the media [via. MMA Fighting]

“Rankings mean nothing, you have to talk trash. What drives this (sport) today is money, and that’s super normal to me now. I made a lot of money (against McGregor), and I’m thinking about it now. I think about continuing being champion and having my honor and respect, but it’s not worth being the good guy anymore.”

“The thing is to talk trash. Talking makes the fight bigger. … When the fight is over, everyone goes in opposite sides with money in the pocket. You have to talk trash because that brings money.”

Aldo will be defending his featherweight championship against Holloway at “UFC 212” in Brazil on June 3, 2017, at the Jeunesse Arena. Who do you think will walk out of the octagon with the gold slung over their shoulder? Let us know by posting your predictions in the comment section below!