Another Tainted Supplement?

UFC boss Dana White.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship signed a deal with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) to help clean the sport of mixed martial arts and rid the octagon of performance enhancing drugs. Fighters who are on the active UFC roster are subjected to random drug tests, and Justin Ladet’s samples raised a few eyebrows at USADA offices earlier this year.

The heavyweight recently got in touch with The MMA Takeover and revealed that the test he was flagged for, which was taken on February 1, 2017, was actually flagged due to a tainted supplement. USADA informed Ladet of the news earlier this week, and this should wave him from any serious punishment. Ladet claimed that the tainted supplement was from a multi-vitamin and he will only receive a suspension for four months as the result of it being an accidental case.