Anthony Johnson Tweets And Deletes Statement On D.C.’s Weigh-Ins Scandal… But We’ve Got It!

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson may be hanging up his gloves for good, but he’s preparing himself for a different type of fight.

“Rumble” stepped into the octagon for what may be the final time at “UFC 210”, losing by way of submission to Daniel Cormier. While Johnson failed to capture the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship in his final octagon outing, he will not go down without a fight.

Johnson has no issues other than with himself about how the fight played out. He is, however, frustrated with what took place on the eve of the fights when Cormier weighed in moments before the deadline approached. Cormier stepped onto the scales and tipped them at 206.2 pounds, which is 1.2 pound over the permitted light heavyweight limit for a championship fight.

After leaving the room for no more than two minutes, Cormier returned and stepped onto the scales to weigh in at 205 on the dot! While cutting 1.2 pounds is virtually unheard of, it is important to note that he grabbed the towel that was shielding his nudity from the public during his second attempt.

Grabbing the towel is an age-old trick wrestlers would use when they needed to shave off a couple pounds when they didn’t have anymore time to. Whether or not Cormier did this remains to be seen, but “Rumble” plans to find out what actually happened on the day of the fights:

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