Big John McCarthy Breaks Down Today’s Judging In The UFC

Some people claim that, when it comes to mixed martial arts, the referee has the hardest job. If not in the correct position, a referee may not pick up on vital information.

A fighter may be grabbing the fence or a jab may have truly been an eye poke, there are a great number of things a referee has to see. If  the referee fails to notice, then the fight goes on.

With this in mind, it’s the safety of the fighters that depends on the referee, as well as the result of the event. Many fighters and fans will critique a referee for stopping a fight, claiming it was halted too soon.

However, the referee has to look out for the fighters themselves, not just the entertainment they provide the fans. To help clear the air, back in 2016, veteran referee “Big” John McCarthy decided to break down what its like refereeing and judging in the UFC. His take on the duties can be viewed below.