He’s Still Got It! Today’s Chuck Liddell Training Clip Is Terrifying — Watch!

Long before Jon “Bones” Jones, Conor McGregor, or Ronda Rousey reigned supreme in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Chuck Liddell was the face of the company. He was one of the most feared athletes of his time, and his highlight-reel of vicious knockouts will show any new fan why.

Liddell approached every single fight with the mindset that he could knock his opponent out. It did not matter if his opponent was a wrestler or a grappling-ace; “The Iceman” had ice in his veins and remained calm, always waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

It wasn’t until the likes of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and “Suga” Rashad Evans made their way into the octagon when Liddell lost his footing and suffered too many losses. His final fight against Rich Franklin took place in 2010.

Since then, Liddell has been offered a job in the UFC offices and will likely forever be a part of that company’s payroll. The Hall of Famer recently surfaced on social media in a video that sees him firing off elbows in a vicious manner — he’s still got it:

“There’s just nothing like it when @chuckliddell is ON! These are freakin ELBOWS…. from a ridiculous range!!! How was YOUR Tuesday bc I can promise you it was definitely better than mine!. #IcemanElbows @unbreakableperformance. #mma #elbowsallday #gym #IWishWePlayedCheckersInsteadOfThis”

How do you think Liddell would do against today’s wave of fighters?