Bisping Fires Off At Ronda Rousey’s Coach In New Rant

UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping has been on an absolute tear since winning the belt at “UFC 199”, ripping into anybody and everybody despite their weight class. Now, Bisping has his sights set on Ronda Rousey’s nutrition coach Mike Dolce.

Dolce is a polarizing figure in the mixed martial arts community. While some fighters sing praises for his services during their fight camps, there are many who have trashed him and left him for other coaches after a rough weight cut.

Fellow nutritionists and fans alike have all discounted Dolce’s diet simply as “bro science”, and it seems that Bisping is questioning the dieting and weigh-cutting skills of Dolce. While Bisping has worked with Dolce in the past, it appears as if Bisping felt the need to dress down Dolce for a recent social media post.

“Your page, do what you want, but I am fascinated with seeing your skewed version of self acclaimed perfection. Give it a rest mike. And weren’t you supposed to be up at 4:30am walking, sorry, doing cardio as you call it. Nothing wrong with regular sleeping patterns or a bit of chocolate as a treat for kids or adults now and again.”

Bisping rips Dolce