Bisping Not Sold On Weidman’s Performance, Believes He Was Faking Mousasi Knees

UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping was able to hunker down in front of a television to scout his weight class in the co-main event of “UFC 210” where Chris Weidman collided with Gegard Mousasi. The bout could have solidified who the next challenger was for the middleweight championship after St-Pierre and Yoel Romero, but it seems to have caused more confusion and controversy than anything.

Even though the bout ended with a technical knockout in favor of Mousasi, the fight played out in a rather bizarre fashion. The referee halted the fight and paused the action due to an illegal knee from Gegard, but ultimately ruled the knee as legal after looking at the instant replay. In the midst of all of this drama, Weidman hinted that he did not know what day of the week it was. As a result of this, the doctor decided to wave off the fight when they learned it was a legal knee, giving Mousasi the win.

Bisping chimed in on the controversial finish, but also paid his respects to Weidman who he believed was on his way to doing what he needed to do to win the fight. Bisping explained that while Mousasi had the edge in striking, Weidman was doing everything he needed to in order to walk out with his hands raised. But it didn’t take long for Bisping to reveal that he thought Weidman was, in fact, faking his condition in order to benefit himself:

“I gotta say, I was impressed. He went out there, I mean [Gegard] Mousasi definitely had the striking edge, we knew that. We knew that going into this fight he’s the better striker. But, Weidman did well and Weidman was doing what he needed to do. You know, he was getting the takedowns. And he was consistently getting those takedowns. I mean, Mousasi’s going to have to work on that.”