Cody “No Love” Fires Back At Dillashaw’s Mom, Tells T.J. To Get Her Under Control

UFC will be bringing one of their biggest rivalries to the forefront when the twenty-fifth season of “The Ultimate Fighter” kicks off. UFC Bantamweight Champion Cody “No Love” Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw will be coaching opposite of each other for weeks until they settle the score inside the octagon at “UFC 213”.

Garbrandt’s rise to the top of the division seemed like it happened overnight, but the Cleveland, Ohio fighter proved he was a title contender long before he got his title shot. Garbrandt has put all but one of his opponents to sleep as Dominick Cruz made it through all five rounds, and “NO Love” hopes to make up for that when he steps into the octagon with rival Dillashaw by giving the fans another knockout.

Dillashaw, a former member of Team Alpha Male, has donned the nickname of “snake” after leaving the team in order to join Elevation Fight Team and the nickname has taken on a life of its own. Dillashaw has embraced the nickname and has essentially made it his gimmick heading into the massive fight this summer.

“Joanna Champion” took to Instagram to dish out an advertisement for the upcoming season of “The Ultimate Fighter” and like any good mother would Dillashaw’s mother came out in full support of her boy. “No Love” saw the paragraph of support and decided to fire back with something of his own. Check it out below:

Dillashaw’s Mother: “Team killashaw way better coaching!!!!! Proud Momma of the snake!!?the serpent represents our transformation as individuals as we glide along life’s path. Known for its sharp instincts and shedding the skin of the past, the serpent relies solely on itself for survival. Independent and INTELLIGENT,the serpent reminds us to continuously evolve and grow.”

Garbrandt’s Response: “@janice_dillashaw @tjdillashaw get ahold of your momma bro.. ??”

How do you think this feud will play out?