Collegiate Judo Team Raises Funding With Sale Of Nude Calendar

Back in 2015, the University of Minho was home to a group of student athletes with a drive to raise money, attract new members and to find unorthodox ways to do it all. As reported by mixed martial, for the Judo team that meant making a nude calendar to sell in the university bookstore.

In hopes of saving money for the UMinho Emergency Social Fund of the institution, the team managed to lock in an impressive $9,000 with sales of their nude calendar exclusively within the university bookstore.

Following the impressive feat, student athletes from other sports within the school have begun to take interest in the concept. A total 22 athletes contributed to the 2016 version of the calendar, including students from diverse fields of the university.

Athletes from volleyball, handball, Judo and climbing were present on the calendar. Also in attendance, students from the polymer engineering department, textile engineering and medicine departments decided to join in on the recent calendar.


Images courtesy of Nuno Gonçalves