Lightweight Muay Thai Legend Takes On Heavyweight MMA Fighter In Full Contact Bout

Muay Thai phenom Buakaw Banchamek recently took on a heavyweight mixed martial artist in a full contact sparring bout. As one of the most critically acclaimed competitors in Muay Thai, the lightweight competitor held his own against the much larger opponent.

Banchamek utilizes his striking prowess to overcome his larger opponent. The two fighters go easy on occasion, but largely try to test each other’s abilities inside the ring. Banchamek manages to catch a few of his opponents kicks during the bout.

The match remained friendly throughout, as the two fighters hugged following the sparring bout. After going through a few techniques at half speed, the two fighters called an end to the sparring, providing fans with another clip of Banchamek doing what he does best.

The veteran striker is a former Thailand featherweight champion and two time K-1 World MAX champion, to only name a few of the fighter’s accolades.