D.C. Keeps It Real — ‘Jones is an alcoholic, shouldn’t be having a UFC 210 afterparty!’

Even though Daniel Cormier’s got a fight lined up with one of the most dangerous strikers in the world in Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, he’ll always have one eye on Jon “Bones” Jones.

The two were scheduled to throw down in the main event of “UFC 200” to decide the next step of their rivalry, but the fight never took place as Jones was flagged for a failed drug test. The main event was changed just days before the fight and Cormier never had his opportunity to avenge the loss he suffered against Jones at UFC 182 in 2015.

Cormier caught wind that Jones would be making an appearance at “UFC 210” fight week in Buffalo, New York on Friday and went off on Jones and his team. He told MMA Fighting:

“But, he is going to be here, which in itself is crazy. I am very (surprised). If I was suspended for anything, especially for something that — whatever it may have said to be — and I’m still suspended there is no way I’m out in public. I’m staying home, I lick my wounds until my suspension is done and then I come back out.”

“I think that says a lot about your character. Because are you truly sorry for what you did if your willing to prance around even though your actually still under suspension? You can’t talk to me about a fight against Jon Jones because he is not eligible. When your eligible, we can talk.”

“And then, I’m going down the street and I see a poster of an afterparty. What genius did that? What genius decided to give Jon Jones, a recovering alcoholic, an afterparty? Who does that? Great Job, Malki. Awesome work, buddy.”