D.C. Releases Message For All Who Boo Him

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier walked into the octagon as the underdog champion but walked out with his gold still slung over his shoulder. The twenty-four hours leading up to his fight may have been controversial (see: Towel Gate), but Cormier got the job done in the main event of “UFC 210” and escaped with just a broken nose.

Still, despite looking dominant and adaptable in his performance the crowd in Buffalo, New York was quick to boo Cormier from the start. Even when he prevailed with the belt and both Cormier and Johnson settled their beef inside the octagon, they still booed him after the decision. Now, Cormier seems to have gone full heel against those that voiced their true opinion on him and he has a message for them:

As soon as Cormier took to the microphone after his victory over “Rumble”, he turned against the fans who had already turned on them and demanded their attention while he dressed down a couple of future contenders. First, Cormier went off on Jimi Manwua before being asked about Jon Jones by Joe Rogan. When Cormier heard Jones’ name, he went off on another tirade and was happy both fighters simply sat there and took their verbal beating.

Which fighter do you think is next in line for a shot at the light heavyweight championship? Since Jones is suspended, should he even be considered for a shot at the title? Jimi Manuwa is technically higher ranked than Jones and is coming fresh off a knockout win over Corey Anderson in the main event scrap. Cormier has made it clear he wants big-money fights, but another monkey wrench in another division could be bad for business.