Dana White Compares Conor McGregor To Muhammad Ali

There is no doubt in anybody’s minds that Conor McGregor is one of the biggest stars to ever step foot inside the octagon. McGregor’s ability to make any fight important is priceless to a promoter, and every single time he is given a microphone he turns it into a pipe-bomb.

McGregor entered the octagon at “UFC 205” in Madison Square Garden in a fight that felt like it would go down in history as one of the most important fights of all time. Conor dominated Eddie Alvarez to make history becoming the first person in history to hold two UFC belts at the same time.

Like it or not, McGregor is the hottest act going on right now in the UFC and Dana White is well aware of it. White, who is admittedly a boxing fan himself, has taken it as far as to say that McGregor might be in a league of his own much like Muhammad Ali was in boxing. Dana told Megan Olivi:

“He’s the best. Seriously, he’s the best. I dunno if I’ve ever seen anyone in the sport, ever, other than [Muhammad Ali] who is so entertaining. Who can take a press conference and turn it into a must see.”