Dana White On The Street Fight That Nearly Got Him Killed

The Ultimate Fighting Championship’ longstanding president has had a storied history leading up to his time with the mixed martial arts promotion. For one such tale, UFC President Dana White faced a near death experience in a street fight.

The UFC president was recently featured in a new UFC Fight Pass piece called “The Exchange: Dana White.” Within the feature, Dana White is interviewed about his past, his upbringing and his career. One such tale was that of his street fight.

The president explained that a few of his friends and himself were approached by a few students from Valley High School. The students appeared at Dana White’s house. However, the event did not go as anyone had probably planned.

Dana White and his friends fought the fellow students, ending up winning the struggle. However, the UFC president revealed that many students from Valley High School later appeared in his front yard, “ready to kill me and my two friends that were over there.”

For the rest of the story, see the video below.