WWE’s Big Show Breaks Fan’s Jaw In A Bar Fight

“Big Show” is a superstar to many professional wrestling fans. That being said, the pro-wrestler has not always done his scrapping inside the ring. In fact, the professional wrestler had a pretty rough brawl in the past.

As reported by mixedmartialarts.com, Paul Wight, the WWE superstar “Big Show,” had a bar room brawl back in 1998. The harry incident was captured on camera for all to see. At 7ft. tall and 420 pounds, the wrestler was not one to be trifled with.

That being said, professional wrestling fan Robert Sawyer seems to have thought otherwise. Reports claim the wrestling fan goaded Paul Wight into fighting him. The man told Wight that he was “not that big” and that he should “go to another federation.”

Wight then told the man, “I asked him, very politely, to stop doing all the cursing and stuff. Stop doing what he was doing.” However, the professional wrestler received a shove in the chest instead. Then, Wight dropped the man with a swift punch to the face.