Did Romero’s Flying Knee Give Weidman A ‘Bisping Eye’?

Chris Weidman is just days away from stepping into the octagon with Gegard Mousasi to battle for middleweight supremacy in the co-main event of “UFC 210”. The fight takes place this Saturday and it will be the first time Weidman has thrown down inside the cage since getting viciously finished by Yoel Romero at “UFC 205”.

Romero’s knee crashed into the face of Weidman who was quick to fall down and clutch his eye. As blood poured out of Weidman’s face, staining the mats red, it became clear that this was a scar that may leave a mark. Weidman recently showed his face in an interview with Karyn Bryant and his right eye remained more closed than his left.

This may cause some mixed martial arts fans to recall the retina detachment injury Michael Bisping suffered at the hands of Vitor Belfort, leaving his eye permanently disfigured. Check out the images below to see if Weidman’s eye, and let us know in the comment section if you think he is now suffering from “Bisping Eye”: