Eeyore The Donkey vs. Guitar Wielding Man Ends In Brutal Knockout

Las Vegas, Nevada houses some of the strangest stories. With the Las Vegas streets flowing with performers and entertainers, it would appear that something rather dark went down between a man in an Eeyore one piece and an individual wielding an electric guitar.

The two men brawled on the streets, as a bystander recorded the incident. As reported by, the man dressed in a Winnie The Poo costume of the character Eeyore was accused of rape by the guitar wielding man’s girlfriend.

“He took advantage of me (expletive) while I was too drunk while my dude was (expletive) working,” the women yelled. The man in the Eeyore costume retorted, “You guys drug me into a position so you could get naked so then you could take my (expletive).”

The incident can be viewed below.