This Is The Only Self-Defense Technique You Ever Need To Learn

Street fights are something most people would like to avoid at all costs and street fighting is not being condoned here in any degree. Still, sometimes people are forced into situations. When put against a wall and assaulted by a violent individual, self-defense may be the only thing between self-preservation and serious injury.

For these individuals, self-defense meant relying on a technique that required zero training or athletic ability. Instead of relying on a black belt practice of Kenpo, Taekwondo or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, these people decided to simply pull down their pants.

In the video below, a series of street fights can be seen quickly quelled by an unorthodox technique of self-defense. In each clip, an individual decides to pull down their pants, exposing their genitalia to their attackers.

While this practice certainly seems unorthodox, the video shows some success with the aforementioned individuals. That being said, it is not suggested that one should try this in a street fight or elicit a street fight in the first place.